Tuesday, 5 August 2008

Ten before ten

Last night's mid trip review revealed a growing gap between where we are and where we need to be if we are to make Santiago and then get back to Bilbao in time for the ferry. We are several days behind and slipping. So we all agreed we need to up the pace. Trouble is the heat is too much by 1pm so the only way to make progress is to ride early. But that's not easy with the kids as they don't go to sleep until lights out (sundown) @ 10.30pm and left to their own devices don't wake until 10 am. Getting them up and on the road by 8 means losing 3 hours sleep and that means 3 grumpy kids. Today we took a gamble and got everyone up at 7. We rode early, made good progress achieving our new goal of ten before ten and stopped at 1 to try and siesta but with mixed results. Matt decide to read, Hannah played bat and ball, Kirstie and Cameron had a lovely snooze and I watched the gear. I suppose we should consider that a success.

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